Transmission2: COSMODROME
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a cosmic transformation in search of deliverance

Phase 1: New Horizons
00:00:00: Triple-Sunrise at Cosmodrome
00:08:00: Eternity is an Hour
00:20:30: Drift in Progress
00:25:10: Detached From Gravity
00:31:00: Harmonic Encounter
00:43:20: Nightward Probe

Phase 2: Dark Light Evolving
00:00:00: Electroclouds
00:03:00: Through the Elysian Hour
00:16:30: The Inner Light
00:23:00: Vanished Fear

Phase 3: Reordered Hemispheres
00:00:00: Contemplation of Experience
00:01:50: Nightward Reprise
00:11:30: Consolidated Findings
00:17:00: Awakening from Hypersleep
00:22:30: Floating in Purple
00:26:20: Reaching Certainty











I.i. Triple-Sunrise at Cosmodrome
Starring through the early misty dawn, absorbing the upcoming rays of the first sun for the last time. Last homebound thoughts are filling the mind. It hurts so deeply to leave. We were shelterd for so long in this tristar constellation. Just some final hours and our outbound quest will take us away to unknown lands, leaving behind our sheltering home. As the second sun scratches the horizon the cosmodrome fills with bustling life. Preparing the off-shore journey through the deep space sea on our cosmic quest for deliverance. Technology high on the leading edge of life. Then with the third black sun rising well-known doubts creep up like ecliptic shadows...knowing it is time to to foreign shores...towards new horizons.

I.ii. Eternity is an Hour
As the triad light culminates our arkship starts up it's engines. Science mingles with the bounderies of our dreams. Resonating fields interact with the majestic sungleams of the last triple-sunrise we will ever see. In awe our three mothers soar into a decaying ark of light as if to show us lifes' dying beauty in a splendid ultimate final chapter...breeding a new beginning. A last wistful impression of yet known life - bearing our sure expiration if we would remain any longer. During our launch into space mindplays of future past lance the mind...transforming eternity to an hour. One last humble farewell through watering eyes blurs the endmost view of our beloved dying world.

I.iii. Drift in Progress
But we are leaving with hope. We must have hope! Drift in progress, not only across the planets stratossphere...experiences to come for sure. Deliberating our forced loss with every nautic mile, regaining something new...faithfully.

I.iv. Detached from Gravity
The point of no return is passed. We are on our own now! Weightless and lonesome we float towards the unfamiliar unknown. This conscious certainty - the burden of life. Memories drift alongside the inner eye. Responsibility for the upcoming ... routing the future. Facing reality, checking up the systems. And as a matter of fact through the weird interferences we received our first signals from unknown territories...unable to translate them at once. We have to learn to hear, decrypt and contemplate to interpretate the close message. We open ourself to let it happen.

I.v. Harmonic Encounter
So we assembled the parts of the mosaic, reveiling the so far unseen, recognizing the whole is more than the sum of its parts. And then it started! This unforgetable moment of the first encounter. We felt the first resonances through the previously formless signs that we did not see afore at all. The gate of perception opened within a blink of an eye and we passed the outer shield of the former nebula...beginning to understand with breeding synaptic raising powers. Sciential and willing to explore the divine wonders! And it was breathtaking what we saw, what we experienced even in this surely outer regions...going further, daring deeper. Nightward Probe
And we started a probe into the inner core of the everything. Our nightward probe we would entitle this in restrospect. With grown faith and apparently raised wisdom we trusted on ongoing wonders. Raising the lighted side with foolharded risk not knowing about the dark corners. What If we would have known what we knew in the end...would we ever had dared these steps across the cortex?


II.i. Electroclouds
Electrified darkness as we passed the magnetosphere to the inner regions. A strangely devoided intermidiate world where luminance gets absorbed by the unlight. Ghastly glooming electroclouds are the last source of light that let us keep our unstoppable course. Twisted inexorable into the void...

II.ii. Through the Elysian Hour
Deeper into the dark barren fields of fear we are drawn, accompanied by fading golden memories. Further, under the surface we are called. Our elysian hour is lying in wait, hiding unkind within the mind. Through this lament for the lost we reveil these black pearls that are shimmering within this dark light. And we are allured and fascinated by this antipoles. The blackness that once poured our sight began to unveil and our eyes started to see this dark matter....that was said to be unseen.

II.iii. The Inner Light
In the mourning dawn we reached this tunnels end, yet knowing, guided by this inner light that showed us the way. Equipped with wings we passed the transformated borders and than it opened... filled With tears of understanding we turned our eyes skyward and time and space melted like a comet's tail within the solar winds of destiny. Everything was so clear in this golden glimpse of enlightenment...everything in unification...all is full of love.

II.iV. Vanished Fear
A final backflash of the ghosts of the past transmogrifys into a darklighted union, containing everything and nothing in coexistence. The dualistic acceptance made us smile about once childish barriers. Nothing to fear...once disharmonic thoughts vanished into a higher level of appreciation. A mental leap unfolds into the next dimension...parallel possibilities.


III.i. Contemplation of Experience
In a contemplation of experience we are reordering hemispheres. We remain in limbo of our search's purpose for a a state of growth. Knowing to trust this balanced unity. It's all around us, within us...

III.ii. Nightward Reprise
The decision seems a nightward reprise we transform hope to certainty. Unlike our first probe that was sent with greenish faith against the unknown this time we release this developed sensor without limiting expectations. In this unvalued freedom we're enabling variations and sidedrifts to happen naturally. And the probe returned our memories from the past in a blissful reflection of future tense, unlocking this loop of time in the magic of the moment, failing in detail, perfecting in its entirety...just
like existence itself!

III.iii. Consolidated Findings
After a while as our journey unfolds, onward to our yet unknown but sure existing heartland we noticed something weird. With every new world we found we thought instantly about the next even better reality to come. All possibilities should be afront of us, in search of our 'Celephais', our golden conscious ensign of aware creation. And so we drifted through the everything, not aimless but selfish unhappy. And it was a slow and inwardly loss, loosing the recent insight again...and we starred again the void. Irritated we experienced this frightening state of loosing it. And in a formless process of sepiacolored reshaping we agreed to differ. Nothing is permanent but change is! And we understood the permanent drift and learned to ride the wave. And where no sky is seen for the common eye we turned again our eyes skyward and we saw this golden vapor trails of vanishing clouds within this consolidated findings.

III.iv. Awakening from Hypersleep
Slowly we wiped away the sleep from our eyes, beginning to recognize our awakening from this hypersleep of unbalanced consciousness. What has happened, still daydreaming? We left, got lost, experienced undreamed possibilities, got lost again in dark dreams that are in same value to lightful nightmares without a balanced mind. And even from a good-willing heart we collapsed within aloofed arrogance and foolish pride. Any world would be a dying one within a blinded unbalanced spirit. While absorbing this vision we finally left our self assurance. I to eye.

III.v. Floating in Purple
Floating in purple streams of neutral awareness, forming new junctions evernew and on and on and on to an disembodied spiritual state. Guided unerringly and free of bias through this erstwhile labyrinth, now lying clear ahead like an impartial unblocked road to the stars. And beyond the nebula horizon we could already see the breath-taking splender of the golden domes, curved roofs and onyx towers of our near ... finally coming home. Reaching Certainty
And than the final conclusion fulfilled the deliverance. As the hatch of the ships biodrome-complex opened to the abundance of the void the mortal coils disappeared in silent grace. No spacesuit should cover the smiles of the repatriates, henceforth drifting on par with the stars through the eternity of space and time, passing by faded supernova clouds and breeding new galaxies. Worlds come and go like they did in a sungrazed remembrance of a far away mindpast. And as uncountable light eons and myriads of distance had passed the membrane unveiled in singularity...still their eyes turned skyward.



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