Under the Surface
"a spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission"

The informed society is reality. Everyday thousands of news hail down on us, we´re cross-linked but only on the intellectual level of logic and causality. We have the impression to get lost and lose control over what´s happening, even our own life. To admit being helpless is a flaw ´cause our life is based on principles of control, authority, duty, command and obedience. But is this a true ideal? We acquired this point of view from our parents, the system and society itself. It doesn´t count who started this all and who benefits from this change in our world. It´s not relevant if it serves a global corporation, a government or congregation, if it serves one or many. The key point is that these principles are initiated and fueled by persons with egocentric attitude who have the retention of their power as their primary goal in life.

In the last century our logical understanding has moved on fast, our technological progress serves for our convenience. In our market-based system emotions only count when there´s a lucrative way to exploit them, which means they are controlled from a logical instance. Being left alone with ourselfs sometimes gives us an awkward feeling due to having no logical reason to feel like we do - though this is only an acquired thought pattern.


We tend to neglect the value of our feelings because we can´t measure them from the economic point of view. Living in the state of pure emotional awareness is one of the greatest treasures you can find. This means living in accordance with nature and the energy field which surrounds us, permeates us and which is the source and energy of all things inside the things. Some call it god, love, others balance, collective or cosmic consciousness and it has many other names given by man and religion. Some of them were also used as label and therefore exploited for the benefit of few but that´s not the point to focus on.

The one who lives within this conciousness has developed his spirit and realises the principle of life and the mentioned field of energy. This knowledge is no belief, bears no uncertainty, it´s so obvious and simple that even a child can understand. It is wonder and veneration in one, creation and creativity, it is change, it is life. It emerges every moment from our acting and thinking, it is its own time, present and future.

Being aware gives us the ability to send and receive from the energy field. The one who carries this insight is cradled in the fabric of creation in which everything gets balanced. To act in the present and from an inner urge shows that bliss is truely a byproduct of creation. In science this is called "flow" which is nothing more than receiving, acting and therefore being part of the creative process. To feel the energy which runs through us is truly the essence.


"Eyes Turned Skyward" unites three conscious musicians within this linked horizon of awareness. The music arises throughout the present unique energetic constellation, unpredictable and beyond common standards. Floating on sentiment and resonance, echoing fragments and ideas gathered from the source, always selfevolving and interwoven. This musical concept is intrinsically native and natural but at the same time controverse to the logical sermonized dogmatic approach.

Through this regained freedom hidden doors to the core of sound are reopened, music serving as a lingua mundi, conceived by everyone who is openminded to share this awareness of the moment...in resonance.

It fails in detail but gets perfect in its entirety, just like existence itself!
An unharmonic mistake for the unillumined is the dawning of truth for those enlightened...creating by this openness to experience the opportunity and space for something new and yet unknown that has to be explored curiously within a free unified spirit.

The music of a new era - curative and contemplative - leading back to our fundamental feelings, guiding the ones who engage themselve into the magic of the moment.

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